Sustainable Multifamily Housing Models for San Francisco: Session 3

Understand the development challenges and technical solutions for low-price point, mixed-use projects through the developer/architect partnership lens of the Mission Bay's Vida project.


This series showcases several new mixed use residential developments undertaken by developers who have forged a multi-project collaborative relationship with their architectural firms. These developer/architect partnerships are tackling large and complex sites, and adopting sustainable approaches to their work, while responding to neighborhood context and meeting specific market housing needs through site and building design innovations.


Dean Givas and Mike McCone were both with IntraCorp when they and Kwan Henmi began a collaboration with the design and construction of Arterra, the half-block 269 unit for-sale project in Mission Bay, which became the first LEED Silver certified high rise condo development in California. That successful experience led to the sponsor (having formed a new venture called Oyster Development) and architect to collaborate on two new infill mid-rise projects. Marlow, located at 1800 Van Ness with 99 market rate for-sale units, is nearly complete. Vida, at 2558 Mission St. with 110 for-sale units, is just starting construction. Technical lessons learned in the use of exterior cladding systems and roofscape treatments on the Arterra were applied to the newer projects as this team continually seeks to build high density infill projects for a range of markets, using sustainable technologies. Vida represents an attempt to provide more compact units at a lower price point in order to fill an entry level housing niche. The design compliments and responds to the adjacent historic New Mission Theater, a Timothy Pflueger building, which is undergoing renovation and will reopen as a new supper club.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the inclusionary housing requirement and land dedication for urban infill projects in San Francisco, Ca.

  • Learn creative methods of addressing residential parking on a limited site, including strategies for stacked parking.

  • Comprehend the design challenges presented by street frontages at different elevations.

  • Appreciate the reasons for the undulating, stepped façade of the project and understand how this responds to zoning requirements for the site.

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