Tall Timber Buildings: Where Sustainability Meets Performance


Globally, the groundswell of tall timber buildings has been motivated by the urgent need for housing density in urban areas and the equally urgent need to respond to the climate crisis by reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. While other countries have been constructing tall wood buildings for a decade, the U.S. is one of the first to include provisions in its model building code allowing them prescriptively. Join this session to learn mass timber's value proposition and how it impacts sustainability, forest health, rural economies, and current trends. You'll also discuss fire resistance, structural layout, connections and details, occupant comfort, cost optimization, building enclosure, and prefabrication.

Learning objectives

  • Review the global history of tall wood construction and highlight the mass timber products used in these structures.
  • Explore the work and conclusions of the ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings in establishing 17 new code provisions for the 2021 IBC that address tall wood construction.
  • Discuss differences between the new tall wood mass timber construction types and existing construction types.
  • Identify the key passive fire-resistance construction requirements and active systems that enable taller wood buildings to be built safely.

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