Technology & the Future City


Emerging technologies will have profound impacts on the urban experience in coming years, with the potential to bring wholesale changes to everything from urban form to mobility and e-commerce. Technology is an integral component of how we plan our cities of the future, creating a host of promising opportunities and daunting challenges. This session will provide a broad overview of the major implications of key emerging technologies unfolding in cities and a framework for understanding urban design and development connections to them.  Hosted by Communities by Design (CxD).

Learning objectives

  • Discover how the multiple levels of impact of technology to the urban fabric – from real estate and transportation to urban design and land use – can directly ensure the public welfare.
  • Understand how the introduction of innovative technology will change urban design is changing urban transportation needs and offerings for the public. 
  • Explore alterations to development density brought about by innovations in technology, and understand the long-term implications to public well-being. 
  • Comprehend the cascading effect of COVID mitigation measures the urban fabric and how those effects include but not limited to transportation, office/housing needs and choices, and increase in dining choices.

This session was recorded live on February 1, 2023.


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