Thinking Beyond the Building: Aging-in-Place and Lifelong Communities (LU)

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Thinking Beyond the Building: Aging-in-Place and Life Long Communities

Creative solutions to walkability, transportation, infrastructure, and urban design are needed to design communities that support older adults aging in place.


This country is about to face a crisis if we don’t start thinking about aging objectively and realistically. Only a small fraction of the more than 70 million people predicted to be over 65 in 2030 will be able to afford Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Older adults need transportation to the places and services that support their independence. Policies that encourage adequate, safe and accessible transportation infrastructure and services help people of all ages stay active and engaged in their communities. We, as architects, have not thought as much about community design—in this session you will learn ways of adapting existing ones for lifelong livability.

Learning objectives

  • Learn the facts and statistics that are facing the nation regarding the aging of our population and the housing crisis it will bring. Examine projects for appropriate location, density, and intensity to understand the basic needs and incorporate healthy living choices for all ages in neighborhood design.
  • Understand the principles of smart growth patterns and how compact, connected, and complete communities can be applied to future growth whether in new locations, infill and redevelopment, or sprawl repair projects and the housing types and programs necessary to address the needs of Baby Boomers.
  • Colleagues will develop knowledge of interdependent systems required to implement a sustainable regional network, which includes adequate, safe, and accessible transit choices to enable equitable and sustainable lifestyle choices to allow seniors to stay active and engaged in their communities.
  • Understand the necessity of policies and programs, as well as physical design solutions, to improve affordable options for aging-in-place.

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Contents Video, quiz, evaluation

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Duration 1:00

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