Three Firms' Approach to Integrating Research in Practice

Learn how integrating research into practice can lead to innovative solutions for improving building performance, decreasing environmental footprint, responding to climate change, and creating healthier environments.


Improving building performance. Decreasing environmental footprint. Responding to climate change. Creating healthier environments. These are among the biggest challenges confronting architects today. Integrating research into a practice can lead to innovative solutions, but how many firms have the resources?

In this course, three firms share their experiences in funding and implementing research initiatives. They'll present case studies spanning scales from thermal bridging to thermal comfort to resiliency planning—and discuss how these initiatives impact their work.

With ongoing project pressures and demands, many of us in the industry struggle to find time to explore new ideas. Get back on track—and see how you can integrate research into your practice.  

Learning objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Define what "research" means to different organizations, and explore what it could mean to their firm.
  • Identify methods for supporting and funding research.
  • Articulate how the results of research efforts can be incorporated into project work, office culture, and marketing efforts.
  • Examine three example research initiatives and findings.


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