Timber Structures & Sustainable City Design

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B Building Science


Timber Structures & Sustainable City Design

Some designers are seeking to apply the environmental benefits of wood to taller buildings, once thought to be the sole domain of non-renewable materials.


Tall buildings pose a unique challenge to the sustainability movement. They reduce urban sprawl, promote mass transit, and allow for efficient energy use on a district scale. But the embodied carbon footprint of a tall building is significantly higher than low-rise buildings on a per-square-foot basis. Taller buildings require more structural support; therefore, structural systems that minimize embodied carbon allow the positive environmental aspects of tall buildings to be more pronounced. This course will outline the technologies and design/engineering practices allowing for taller wood structures, how the use of wood is impacting and enhancing design, and common myths associated with tall wood buildings.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the benefits and design considerations related to tall mass-timber buildings.
  • Understand how the use of mass timber can reduce a building’s carbon footprint.
  • Understand how the application of a mass-timber structure could be accomplished when applied to a real-world sample structure in Chicago.
  • Be empowered to explore the use of timber in future projects in collaboration with engineers and through the use of integrated design strategies.

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