Tiny House in a Big City: Competition/Construction Case Study

Are tiny homes a solution for housing homeless youth? And can they be built in a city?


Landon Bone Baker Architects and AIA Chicago launched an international competition to build a prototype tiny home, attracting 400 entries. The winning design resulted in a spacious, furnished, and charming model that is now being reconstructed as a learning model.

Join us and to hear how they did it, what it cost, code issues, and other lessons learned so you can explore whether tiny homes might be an affordable housing option for your community.

Learning objectives

  • Understand when, where, and why tiny houses might be appropriate—and when they may not work.
  • Develop a path to propose and introduce tiny houses in your community (zoning, code, accessibility, sustainability, community, and sociological issues will be addressed).
  • Understand the real economic costs and benefits of tiny houses, which can be affordable alternatives to subsidized housing in certain applications.
  • Reference other existing tiny home communities and share knowledge of how they work.
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