Transitioning Your Firm for What's Next (and Who's Next)


Business succession is about more than handing over the reins. It's about entrusting a firm's value and its future prospects to a new generation of leaders. Selecting a successor is about more than finding someone with business acumen. It's about finding someone who can cultivate success while also making the future more equitable for its workers.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about the AIA Trust's products and services geared toward small- and medium-size businesses.
  • Hear about how to set goals for "what's next," why internal transitions sometimes not feasible and other times desirable, and what's really behind the sell/merge/close options that many firm principals feel is an inevitable menu of options.
  • Understand the steps that business succession might involve once you've decided and within the context of a firm's size, current staffing plan, and balance sheet.
  • Discover how your firm can sustain its value through a transition as well as the cultural shifts a change in leadership might suggest or require.

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