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Good design is a catalyst for positive change within our communities and has the power to dispel negative stigma; it can provide dignity and a sense of dwelling to those who have lost their homes. How we speak about these projects matters. This presentation will focus on two projects providing shelter to people experiencing homelessness and how supportive housing/shelter is healthcare for our communities. Participants will learn to provide meaningful projects while changing the dialogue surrounding this rapidly rising issue with trauma-informed design. Attendees will learn about the projects and the programmatic elements within them that help to provide lasting help to community members through mentally supportive environments, from nightly shelter to transitional housing. Hosted by the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH).

Learning objectives

  • Recall basic statistics surrounding homelessness that impact the safety of the occupants of a shelter building.
  • Recall strategies for implementing humane, data-driven design for mental wellbeing of the occupants. 
  • Identify ways design can impact social equity in the built environment leading to better physical and mental health through trauma-informed design. 
  • Understand how supportive housing leads to better community health and equity. 

This session was recorded live on June 13, 2023.

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