Utilizing Window Wall Glazing Solutions for Performance and Versatility

Thursday, August 12, 2021 | 3pm ET

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A proper understanding of the benefits and options available with Window Wall will reveal this to be a great solution to your next high-rise multifamily project.    


Over the past 120+ years of commercial construction history, there have been numerous changes to building design; construction methods and occupant needs that have impacted  the design of Architectural Aluminum Framing Systems. Architectural Aluminum Framing started 100+ years ago with the introduction of aluminum storefront frames. To this was added entrances. As construction methods changed and structural steel was utilized, curtain wall systems were introduced. All through this time, natural ventilation was required, so operable aluminum windows were used as standalone punched openings and integrated into other framed elevations. With the addition of atriums, overhead and sloped glazing grew. More recently we have seen a growth in high-rise multifamily construction in most urban areas. This has driven the growth of a newer system called “Window Wall.”   

Window Wall Systems are installed slab to slab similar to storefront yet have performance similar to curtain wall. They are designed to be installed more economically than curtain wall yet still provide the performance required in a high-rise application. Curtain Wall is a great solution for glazing a high-rise commercial office building. The needs and expectations of the occupants in a high-rise multifamily project are very different from those in the commercial high-rise, and Curtain Wall can’t always meet these needs. Window Wall has been designed to fill this niche and offer options demanded by residences that are not required in offices. A proper understanding of the benefits and options available with Window Wall will reveal this to be a great solution to your next high-rise multifamily project.   

Learning objectives

  • Describe the characteristics and attributes of Window Wall systems; describe similarities and differences between Window Wall and Storefront and Curtain Wall systems 
  • Understand the installation and fabrication options available with various Window Wall Systems 
  • Identify other Architectural Aluminum Framing Products that can be integrated into Window Wall Systems and how this is accomplished 
  • Understand the advantages and benefits of selecting a Window Wall System through a review of Window Wall Case Studies  


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