Washington Alley Project

Explore unique opportunities for desification in underutilized alley networks.


The Washington Alley Project builds upon the history of Washington, DC's alleys. It proposes strategies for re-appropriating the underutilized alley network, targeting sites with untapped potential for densification.

In this course, experience how EL Studio patented low-resolution virtual reality tools that have enabled us to engage the community and local government.

You'll see how this technology allowed stakeholders to visualize, in three dimensions, new uses and ways of occupying this uniquely DC resource.

Learning objectives

  • Explore the historical development of the Washington alley network, and consider how it may relate back to your own communities that may have similar, underutilized urban networks.
  • Learn how to locate a spatial opportunity, and develop your own research project through investigation, outreach, and proposals.
  • Learn to identify design techniques and methods for soliciting feedback, engagement, and support from local communities and municipalities.
  • Discover how to highlight potential sites for urban revitalization using techniques such as graphic mapping and analysis.
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