What They Want: Understanding Clients' Sustainability Imperatives


Building owners face a number of hurdles as they look at their building portfolios, whether it be a one-time new building, a campus-wide collection of existing buildings, or a worldwide network of buildings. With both financial and social responsibility, owners face challenges to minimize the impact of their buildings on the environment. Further, owners in different sectors face different challenges and different opportunities. Hear from owners in different sectors talking about what is driving their organizations toward sustainability, as well as their challenges, and how they are overcoming or working around them. The panel will also discuss how they view the architect's role in helping them achieve their goals.

Learning objectives

  • Gain first-hand accounts of challenges your clients face when making sustainable decisions in order to more effectively translate to your clients.
  • Equip yourself with language to inspire and identify opportunity with your clients to help to strengthen relationships and expand your work.
  • Gather insights that will help you understand how the client views the architect in order to dispel myths and reinforce your value.
  • Help to bridge your perspective of owner challenges and expand on what you are hearing from your clients.

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