Women's Leadership Summit - Women Under Fire

Learn how the making of an Architect, the making of a Firm, and Mentoring Professionals are rooted in overcoming obstacles, personal growth and giving back to others.


Working in Afghanistan as an architect, as a firm, and mentoring in a hostile environment, Angela O'Byrne is a Woman Architect Under Fire. While bombs are going off all around, she continues to work, to impact the environment, positively affecting the order to right the wrongs of history that have held women back from achieving their full potential for so long.

Learning objectives

  • Discuss how an architecture firm can have a positive impact on society.
  • Explore how asking the right questions can help architects understand needs of culturally diverse groups of people.
  • Examine how women architects who have served oversees in conflict areas have found it a path to leadership.
  • Understand the importance of NGOs for planning and design in conflict areas.
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    President of international design-build-develop firm Perez, A Professional Corporation, Angela O’...