Working Across Housing Typologies


Architects, whether working with a private client on a custom, single family residence or with developers on multi-family projects, face many similar challenges. The costs of land, labor and materials overlaid with regulations does not often pencil out, resulting in a lack of mid-priced and mid-scaled housing. However, more and more architects are striving to create a variety of housing opportunities including multi-family, workforce development and missing middle housing to complement their portfolios of affordable and market rate-housing.

Join us for this session to learn about innovative models of practice and projects that are diversifying the housing market, what single-family and multi-family housing can learn from each other, and how firms are structuring their practices to tackle an array of housing typologies and mission-driven work.

Hosted by CRAN®.

This session was recorded live on December 15, 2021. 

Learning objectives

  • Learn how architecture firms are structuring their practices to tackle some of our cities most pressing challenges by engaging in projects that address affordability, quality of life, sustainability, and health.
  • Discuss the transferrable lessons single-family and multi-family housing can learn from each other to address sustainability, client needs and the design process.
  • Review takeaways from several projects that reflect how architects can have innovative partnerships with their clients, community and developers to elevate the health and welfare of residents.
  • Discover how robust design processes are creating housing that is durable, environmentally sensitive, comfortable and attractive for any budget.

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