Course questions

  • Can I meet my state license Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) requirement by taking AIAU courses?  >
    • In most states, you can meet your state requirements by earning HSW credits, but you should check with your state licensing board to verify that credits earned through AIAU are accepted. AIAU also offers ADA-related courses for AIA members licensed in Texas and California. View MCE requirements by state.
  • Do I have to be an AIA member to purchase AIAU courses?   >
    • Anyone can purchase AIAU courses. AIA members receive a discount as a benefit of membership.
  • Are course packages available?  >
    • If you purchase four courses or more, there is a 15% discount applied automatically at checkout.
  • What is the process for group viewing?  >
    • AIA Components and CES Providers are eligible to request group viewing of an AIAU course. In this situation, a component or provider may host a gathering of members with the purpose of watching an AIAU course, and those in attendance would receive the Learning Units associated with the course. Group viewing of AIAU courses is requested and approved on a case-by-case basis. Interested AIA components or CES providers should email aiau@aia.org . Group Viewing is not available to non-providers at this time.
  • How do I purchase an AIAU course?  >
    • It’s simple. Click the purchase button on a course overview page to add a course to your shopping cart. When you are finished shopping for courses, click on the shopping cart and complete the check-out process.
  • How do I take a course?  >
    • Sign in to your AIAU account. Click on “My AIAU” and select “My courses” from the dropdown menu. This page will list all of your available courses, along with any courses you have completed. Click on any available course to begin or continue.
  • Do I have to complete a course in one sitting?  >
    • No. You can start a course and come back to it later—as often as you need to—through the course expiration date. When you’re ready to begin your course again, it will start where you left off last. Courses are only marked complete once you have viewed all course content, passed the quiz, and completed the course evaluation. Note: when resuming a video and picking up where you ended, depending on your internet speed, courses may take time buffering to catch up where you last left off.
  • What are the steps required to complete a course?  >
    • You must complete these four steps to be awarded credit for a course.
      1. Purchase the course
      2. View the course content
      3. Pass the quiz
      4. Complete the course evaluation Note: AIA members will see credit on their transcript within seven business days.
  • Can I print the course handouts?  >
    • Yes, you can download and print handouts for any purchased course.
  • Can I retake the quiz if I don’t pass it?  >
    • Yes. You can take the quiz until you pass it or until the course expires, which is one year from the purchase date.
  • I passed the quiz. Now what?  >
    • You’re almost done! You have to complete the course evaluation to finish. After passing the quiz, click the X in the top right corner to close the course window or tab (the 'Finish' button may not close the window). Next, go to the course’s home page (the page with the course title and description). Click the red button labeled “Finish course” on the right side of the course page. Click “Update progress” if “Finish course” is not visible. Click the “Finish course” button, then complete and submit the course evaluation. Return to the course home page to verify your completion and/or view your certificate.
  • Can I retake a course to refresh my knowledge at a later date?  >
    • Older AIAU courses are not set up in a way that enables content review. Newer courses will display a prompt upon completion (or upon re-entry at a later date) allowing you to exit or review the content. Note: You cannot earn additional LUs for retaking completed courses you have already passed. All AIAU courses will eventually allow review.
  • Where can I find my course history?  >
    • After you complete a course,your course history it will appear in “My AIAU” Area. Select “My courses” from the dropdown menu and scroll down to the course history section to view or print your course history.

Transcripts & certificates

  • When will my completed courses appear on my AIA transcript?  >
    • Generally, AIA member transcripts will be updated in CES Discovery within seven business days after course completion (only after completing the course evaluation).
  • Are transcripts available for non-members?  >
    • Yes. Transcript Architect is a transcript management service available to licensed architects and related industry professionals. Any AIAU user can access and print certificates of completion for the courses they have taken, which may usually be submitted to state licensing boards for proof of completion.
  • How do I get my certificate of completion?  >
    • It’s easy. Sign in to AIAU and click on “My AIAU.” Select “Certificates” from the dropdown menu. You can also find this information on your “My courses” page under the course history section. And, we include a link on individual course landing pages. No matter where you access the link, you’ll be able to view or print your certificate of completion.

Technical help

  • What are the system requirements?  >
    • Supported browsers
      Internet Explorer 9 or newer (32¬bit version required on 64¬bit machines)NOTE: Internet Explorer 10 is not compatible with AIAU
      Edge 25 or newer
      Firefox 31.0 or newer NOTE: Performance on Firefox is inconsistent
      Chrome 36 or newer
      Safari 4 or newer
      Operating Systems
      Windows 7 or newer
      MAC OS 10.4 or newer
      Other Requirements
      Flash Player (must have most current version)
      500kbps broadband Internet access (DSL/Cable/T1) When resuming a video and picking up where you ended, depending on your internet speed, courses may take time buffering to catch up where you last left off.
      The browser cannot have any ad-blockers or other browser plugins that might be filtering or blocking content. This will disable the “My Courses” tab from loading properly when you click on it to then launch your courses.
  • Can I take an AIAU course on any device?  >
    • You can take AIAU courses on your laptop or desktop computer, and on Apple iOS and Android tablets. While the courses will run on smartphones, this is not recommended, as the video will run full-screen and the slide portion of the course will not be visible.
  • Can I download a course and watch it later offline?  >
    • No. Courses are not available for offline viewing. AIAU provides course information and tracks your progress in real time. You can access this information at any time by logging into your AIAU account. Courses are not available for offline viewing.

Account questions

  • How do I link my Facebook or LinkedIn account to my AIAU account?  >
    • Login to AIAU using your AIAU username and password. Click “My AIAU” and choose “Account”. Then choose “Link Accounts” and follow the prompts. Next time you visit AIAU, click the Facebook or LinkedIn icon on the login window to log in with your social account.
  • Do courses expire?  >
    • Yes. Courses expire one year after purchase. As long as you complete the course by passing the quiz and completing the course evaluation within one year, you’ll receive learning units (LUs) for that course.
  • How do I reach customer service?  >
    • You can contact us anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, by calling 1-800-242-3837, option 3. Or e-mail us at cessupport@aia.org.
  • How do I join the AIA?  >
    • We’re glad you asked! An AIA membership connects you to new industry developments, gives you a voice in the issues that matter, and keeps you on the fast track to a creative, productive future. You also get a significant discount on AIAU courses. Visit www.aia.org/join to get started.