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The Iconic House Series

Contemporary neuroscience using MRI imaging of people’s brains while they perform tasks has revealed a much more important role for memory in the creative process. The Iconic House Series will explore the ways our response to or experience of highly memorable houses may consciously or unconsciously influence our thought processes as residential designers. Each of the Iconic House and Iconic Room programs will ask three residential architects to present an Iconic House that has been personally important to them and to show one of their own design projects, explaining how their chosen Iconic example has influenced their thinking. The Durability and Details of Iconic Houses Program will explore how the details of iconic historic and modernist houses have contributed to their durability or lack thereof, and what we can learn from their successes and failures in detailing our own projects for durability. Restoring Iconic Houses will discuss the specific problems of restoring and upgrading various systems essential to preserving architectural structures that are important to the history of our profession.

In addition to The Iconic House Series, the Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN®) is proud to host conversations on the practice and mission-driven work of the residential architect.

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