Senior VDC / BIM Manager | Dimeo Construction

Peter Botelho

Peter is a technologist and Sr. VDC manager at Dimeo Construction Company. spending the last 9 years in the construction industry to navigate Dimeo into leveraging and demonstrating the benefits of VDC in improving construction practices. He was formerly Directorof BIM & IT at Vision 3 Architects, where he led the integration of BIM into the design practice. With over 25 years of industry experience, Peter is responsible for shaping how VDC brings optimal benefits to construction and various project deliveries and lifecycle management. In addition, using his IT background in pursuing th ebenefits of machine learning and AI to the creation and advancement of best practices related to the integration of BIM-enabled technologies, Peter has also spoken at AGC BIM Forum on 2017 and is a past member of significant committees from the Construction Institute, University of Hartford and US Institute of Building Documentation.