ENERGY STAR Commercial Building Design National Manager, US Environmental Protection Agency

Karen Butler


Karen Butler works at the US EPA as an ENERGY STAR Commercial Building Design National Manager where she manages the  “Designed to Earn ENERGY STAR” certification initiative recognizing A/E firms and projects meeting EPA energy and carbon reduction goals. In 1999, Butler created Target Finder tool to establish energy targets during design process. Butler manages the New Building Institute research grant developing energy and performance metrics as well as works with software developers maintaining the Target Finder interface with Building Information Modeling tools.

She has worked with Architecture 2030, AIA’s Sustainable Practice, and state/federal entities to incorporate energy goals. Over the years, Butler has participated in the AIA 2030 Series, COTE; ASHRAE, USGBC, CHPS Committees. She has a Master's of Architecture education from California Polytechnic, Pomona and a B.A. Psychology from University of Southern California.