Vice President of Design and Creative Director, Blu Homes

Karl Daubmann


Karl Daubmann is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan. He teaches design and seminars in digital media, fabrication, and multidisciplinary / interactive design and also coordinates the Masters of Science in Digital Technologies program. Daubmann received his BArch from Roger Williams University and a SMArchS from MIT with a concentration in design computing. Issues of craft, materiality, and technology were all ambient in the small fabrication shop where Daubmann grew up, making these values tangible.

Daubmann is a registered architect and makes it an imperative to practice. Interests in design and manufacturing led to his current position as Vice President of Design and Creative Director for Blu Homes. With offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor, Blu Homes builds modern, green, prefab houses that fold for shipping across North America. Daubmann oversees product development and project design while in direct conversation with marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing. His writings have been included in Future Wood, Fabrications, and Smart Graphics – Amer. Assoc. of Artificial Intelligence.