Partner | Mitchell Giurgola

Stephen Dietz


Stephen Dietz, AIA, is a partner at Mitchell Giurgola. For over 25 years, Stephen has worked on new construction and renovation projects for both public and private clients. His approach is rooted in the exploration of how diverse elements come together to form a whole, and he seeks to translate complex problems into solutions with a sense of seamless inevitability. In his work for academic institutions, he has completed numerous computer science and innovation centers, bringing together his interest in tectonics, physics and mathematics with an analysis of human behavior to create spaces designed to drive ideas and generate crossover and collaboration. Stephen joined Mitchell Giurgola in 1994 and is currently the firm's Administrative Partner. His work at MG includes projects for New York University, Mount Sinai Health System and Stony Brook University. He has executed multiple award-winning facade renovation projects, served as a member of the AIA Architecture for Justice Committee, and recently was a member of the New York City Chapter AIA Honors Committee for 2017 and 2018.