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Jacob N. Dunn


Jacob Dunn grew up in the Boise, Idaho in the Pacific Northwest (ASHRAE Climate Zone 5B) before recently moving to his new home in New Orleans (ASHRAE Climate Zone 2A). He holds a Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Idaho and his professional background has oscillated between research, sustainability consulting, education, and architecture.

After working for about a year in London for ARUP's Foresight Innovation and Incubation group, Jacob finished his degree and started working at the University of Idaho's Integrated Design Lab (IDL). At the IDL, he specialized in consulting through architectural simulation, conducted research on energy efficiency, and taught various graduate-level architecture courses. Jacob used simulation on a daily basis for both architectural and engineering analysis, and across a broad spectrum of building types in both new and existing structures.

After four years of being a Research Scientist, he was recruited out of Idaho to Eskew+Dumez+Ripple (EDR) and tasked with enabling evidenced-based design and simulation analysis to their award-winning design firm. At EDR, Jacob currently works with design teams to explore the link between aesthetics and performance through simulation and a scientific approach to sustainability.