Dagmar B. Epsten

President and CEO, PlanAPlanet LLC

Managing Partner, Epsten Properties LLC

Founder, Epsten Group, Inc. (President and CEO 1991-2016)

Dagmar B. Epsten


Dagmar B. Epsten, FAIA, LEED Fellow, Living Future Accredited (LFA) Professional, USGBC-LEED-WELL Faculty, pursues her passion for regenerative planning with her company PlanAPlanet LLC. She thinks that, while many approaches to a sustainable built environment are being discussed, confident actions require cooperative investigations and an experimental design mindset. To that aim, she serves cooperatively with others throughout the world as charrette leader or participant, juror, speaker, instructor and writer. With her solid architectural experience and insights, she creates cutting-edge designs, with a current focus on custom homes, where she feels that the field is more open to experimental solutions with likeminded homeowners. Prior experience includes serving as founder, president and CEO of the internationally recognized multi-disciplinary professional design and consulting firm Epsten Group, which under her direction became the global leader in LEED certification reviews, with over 8,500 in more than 50 countries. She further pursues her passion for regenerative solutions as Managing Partner to Epsten Properties LLC, for which she redeveloped 2 inner-city 1940s buildings in Atlanta into first-rate LEED Platinum facilities.