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Founder and CEO | IMPACT Management Systems, Inc.

David Feasby

David Feasby is Founder and CEO of IMPACT Management Systems, Inc. an international management consulting company specializing in training programs and services to enhance the effectiveness of companies and their individuals. IMPACT Management Systems helps individuals create improved results for their companies. IMPACT has been operating successfully for more than 30 years and has a broad set of clients including many in the architectural and construction-related sectors.

David has extensive experience in executive coaching, strategic and business planning, and management training. He has served as a mentor to, and confidant for, business owners and top executives. As such, he has assisted many managers regarding identifying their business objectives and enhancing their management and leadership skills. Additionally, he has conducted management trainings designed to help individuals better understand and define goals in their business and personal life.

In addition to his Master’s Degree in Physics from the University of Michigan, David received a Certificate in Management from the University of California. He has worked for two Fortune 500 companies, General Dynamics and Fluor-Daniels, and managed a small manufacturing company, the Denver office of a national consulting firm, and his own businesses on two occasions.