Visiting Professor of Architecture  |  University of Oregon

Elisandra Garcia

Elisandra Garcia is an activist, designer, and educator from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Elisandra is currently a Visiting Professor of Architecture at the Portland Architecture Program, for the University of Oregon. As the Design for Spatial Justice Fellow, Garcia has created the Urban Violence Laboratory PDX, where graduate students craft an architectural thesis proposal driven by social and environmental justice prompts, collectively and individually responding to an Urban Violence issue in Portland. Students work closely with community organizations and experts in selected topics of investigation. Being born and raised in the border town of Juárez, Mexico, amplified her curiosity and drive to understand urban violence, its consequences, and possible solutions. Her creative practice, Eli Studio focuses on small scale design interventions created by grassroots activism. To make this possible, Eli Studio curates and directs art, fashion, music, and dance shows in benefit of community groups and non-profit organizations who are courageously working to stabilize cities and communities under severe violent environments. These public engagements are designed as exhibitions to disseminate the research while providing platforms for artists, activists, and small businesses. Garcia believes in the power of personal narrative, academia, and activism in the search for equity. Elisandra is also a Projector Designer and Director of Engagement and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at El Dorado Architects in Portland. Some of her currents are the Parrott Creek Youth At Risk Transitional Housing Campus and the Albina Vision Trust Masterplan Phase 2.