Corporate VDC Manager | Hensel Phelps


Carlton Goodiel

Carl has over 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry. Carl began his career with Fentress Architects as an Associate, job captain, and Design Technologies Manager. He then worked with FRCH Design Worldwide as the Director of Design Technologies. Carl was responsible for transitioning each companies’ design and production efforts to a Building Information Modeling (BIM) based workflow and improving each companies’ efficiency in of their workforce and for project deliverables. Carl joined Hensel Phelps in 2013. As a corporate VDC Manager for Hensel Phelps, Carl is responsible for expanding and improving project deliverables through training for existing and new software platforms as well as testing, approving, developing, and implementing new processes, standards, and software for all departments within the Hensel Phelps organization. Carl’s experiences in both the design and construction delivery methods has given him a wide-ranging perspective into the potential of design and construction data handover for facilities management and operations. His goal is to eliminate redundancy, rework, and data inaccuracies that typically lead to large delays for operations staff after project design and construction handover.