President | Building Codes Assistance Project

Maureen Guttman


Maureen is a licensed architect with over twenty-five years of experience in energy efficient and green building design. She is the President of the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP), a nonprofit advocacy organization that promotes the adoption, implementation and advancement of building energy codes on the state, local, and international levels. BCAP is a proud project of the Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI). 

Maureen oversees a nationwide campaign to support the development and adoption of current model energy codes. In addition, she directs several technical, outreach, and advocacy projects to help various stakeholder groups realize the benefits of energy codes and efficient buildings. Maureen has served on several energy and green construction code development boards, including the development committee for the International Green Construction Code, and this year will serve on the Public Hearing Committee for the Commercial Energy Code. In 2010 Maureen was awarded the President’s Award by the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Institute of Architects in recognition of a career dedicated to advancing building code adoption and enforcement, and incorporation of sustainability into regulated building practices. 

Maureen is a former member of the AIA Board of Directors and a former member of the AIA Codes and Standards Committee. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.