Executive Vice President | Engineered Tax Services (ETS) 

Heidi Henderson

Heidi Henderson is the Executive Vice President of Engineered Tax Services (ETS) and operates the Ogden, Utah, office. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Fla., ETS is a licensed engineering firm focused on specialty tax services relating to federal tax incentives and strategies for Real Estate owners.

Heidi is a Real Estate Professional with more than 25 years of tax and accounting experience in the real estate finance, development, construction, and commercial property areas. She is a consultant to business owners and investors to ensure tax efficiency and optimization of federal, state, and local incentives throughout the US. Her experience includes industry-specific federal lobbying efforts in D.C., technical guidance on varying tax topics, and overseeing the marketing and sales efforts nationally.

Her projects range from small office buildings, restaurants, self-storage, and rental homes to multi-million-dollar projects including the W Hotel in Manhattan and the Sea-Tac Marriott. She has published numerous articles in AccountingToday and other CPA and Real Estate publications, and has spoken to audiences including AIA, USGBC, Energy Symposiums, Tech Symposiums, AICPA, varying International CPA Associations, and AccountingToday’s national conference, qualifying for Continuing Professional and Legal Education.

Heidi holds a Master’s of Science in Accounting, an undergraduate degree in Business and Accounting, and personally invests in Real Estate in her home state of Utah where she resides with her husband, three children, and a multitude of furry friends.