Grace Kim Headshot; Woman; Centered; Smiling; blue striped shawl

Architect and Co-founding Principal | Schemata Workshop

Grace Kim


Grace Kim is an architect and co-founding principal of Schemata Workshop, a Seattle-based architectural practice with a keen focus on community, social equity and sustainability. Her firm works on projects that shape Seattle and guide its growth – such as transit stations, the Seattle Central Waterfront, affordable housing and the Capitol Hill Transit Oriented Development. She brings innovative ideas to her projects that merge client goals and sustainability measures – including urban agriculture, modular construction, and a strong focus on building community. Her clients include a range of public housing authorities, non-profit housing developers, and social service providers. Grace’s work is deeply rooted in race, equity and inclusion – and is skilled at community engagement as she seeks to include the voices and cultures of people of color and marginalized populations through her projects.

Grace is also a co-founder and resident of Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing, a collaborative residential community which includes her street level office and a rooftop urban farm. She walks the talk of sustainability - living a small ecological footprint while incorporating holistic ideals of social and economic resilience into her daily life. She is an internationally recognized expert in cohousing; and her TED talk on cohousing as an antidote to loneliness has over 2.4M views.

Grace currently serves on the Seattle Planning Commission as well as the Board of Directors the Housing Development Consortium – a non-profit organization that advocates for affordable housing.