Architect – Project Manager | KCCT


Gayle Kirchmar


Gayle Kirchmar’s ability to manage large, complex projects with multiple stakeholders is integral to the success of KCCT’s domestic studio. She provides high-level direction for KCCT and fosters collaboration between all project team members, resulting in a process that exceeds stakeholder expectation. She plans, monitors, and supervises all design activities, and ensures project administration compliance with company and client requirements. A thought leader in mission-critical projects with high-stakes global impacts, she tackles the unique challenge of reconciling rigorous security requirements in top-secret environments with the creation of innovative, high-performance workspaces.

With specialized experience in operations center, training center, and government office building design for both new construction and renovation projects, Gayle blends existing structures functionally and securely with project parameters and provides solutions sensitive to building caliber. She leverages her extensive capabilities in the leadership of large teams on complex projects to manage budget and schedule, capture client programmatic needs, and coordinate with permitting agencies to deliver products that are detailed, creative, and contribute positively to their surrounding environments. Her portfolio encompasses both KCCT’s most high-profile and highly classified projects, including the replacement and consolidation of 19 training facilities onto a 1,700-acre campus for the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Security Training Center and the design of a flexible, multi-tenant prototype office for FEMA’s Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center.