Co-Founder  |  Our Front Porch

Heather Korth

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Biosystems Engineering, Heather spent time in Africa with the Peace Corps. She then received a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Colorado. Heather has worked as an Architect for over 15 years in both the private and public sector, including FEMA, with a focus on design, construction, project management and disaster mitigation. Her projects have ranged from small residential remodels to large scale neighborhood master planning. In 2013, Heather collaborated with a social worker to start Our Front Porch, a Denver-based nonprofit that helps Colorado home fire survivors navigate the ups and downs of the recovery journey so they don’t have to go it alone. Our Front Porch provides disaster case management, therapy and mental health support, and guidance on next steps, insurance claims, and the rebuilding process. They also have an emergency housing program where they provide short-term, affordable, and fully furnished rentals specifically to home fire survivors. Heather currently splits her time between being the COO of Our Front Porch and her private architecture practice in Key West, Florida.