Principal Architect & Bureau Manager | San Francisco Department of Public Works

Julia Laue

Julia Laue is Principal Architect & Bureau Manager for the Bureau of Architecture (BOA) for San Francisco’s Department of Public Works where her focus is excellence in Project Delivery and Design for the City's great Civic Projects. Her 28-year overall career prior to BOA ranged from multi-family housing, urban mix-use projects, healthcare, to hospitality. In 2013 she left the private sector to join BOA, where she oversees an architectural staff of 68+ to deliver hundreds of building & renovation projects for a diverse range of communities and neighborhoods. BOA’s projects range from Branch Libraries, Fire Stations, Auditoriums, Community & Rec Centers, Homeless Shelters & Alternative Housing, Hospital & Healthcare Clinics. Julia’s goal has always been to inspire cultural and strategic change, raising the bar in design and technical execution on all the projects and organizations she works with. Project delivery through great design and excellence in execution is Julia’s passion.