Student, Master of Architecture  |  Carnegie Mellon University

Jordan Luther

Jordan Luther is a second year Master of Architecture student at Carnegie Mellon University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture with minors in Art History and Building Construction Technology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst during the Spring of 2021. Her interdisciplinary research project focuses on biophilic design patterns and their impact on human perception and health in hospital patient rooms. The CRIT program has been tremendously beneficial in her experience and enabled her to become deeply engaged in the realm of evidence based design research. Luther had the opportunity to further her research by submitting her protocol to the Institutional Review Board and meeting with medical professionals to refine her study. She additionally had the pleasure of collaborating with designers and academic professionals to develop a better understanding of the evidence based design research process and its application to biophilic design. Luther’s experience in the CRIT Scholar program will be critical as she crafts her masters thesis investigating alternative design solutions to create safe, eco-ethical healing spaces for trauma patients, to alleviate ICU delirium.