Director of Emerging Technologies | Jacobs

Natasha Luthra

Natasha is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Jacobs. She is a forward-thinking strategist who specializes in technology and innovation projects. She has created and launched the Emerging Ideas Innovation program at Jacobs which is primarily focused on incubating transformational ideas, technologies, and tools. Currently, she is focused on delivering a roadmap on what the Future of Work should look like for Jacobs.  She also helps identify and demystify technology trends that will impact our clients’ needs and is trained in facilitation programs that allow us to co create new and innovative solutions with our clients to redefine what tomorrow will look like. Her background is in architecture and she uses her training as an architect to bring design thinking skills to her problem-solving approach.  She has spoken about technology, innovation and architecture at conferences like the Leadership Forum at Autodesk University, BILT NA, BILT Asia, BIMForum and the AIA National Convention. She has been featured in and written articles for the Architect Magazine, YAF Connection and AUGI World.  She was also the 2018 Chair for Technology in Architectural Practice, the AIA knowledge community focused on the intersection of technology and architecture.