John Mateyko

Principal, John Mateyko Architect, LLC

John E. Mateyko


John Mateyko is the principal of John Mateyko Architect, LLC based in Lewes, DE. Mr. Mateyko has 33 years of experience in the architecture profession with degrees in architecture (M.Arch, U. of Illinois, Chicago), architectural history and advanced studies in urban design under Jonathan Barnett (Graduate Faculty, University of the City of New York). For a decade he served as chair of sustainability program of the Delaware Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and served for six years as a member of the AIA-DE board of directors. He currently serves as President of the Board of Architects of the State of Delaware. The Board in Delaware has under review the emerging evidence of medical science that the built environment has negatively impacted public health outcomes as well as consideration of the health impacts of the new emerging climate.

Mr. Mateyko also serves as chair of the Delaware chapter of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), the 37-year old specialist organization of architects, builders, engineers, planners and scientists dedicated to energy-efficiency and sustainability in a whole system perspective. In that capacity he has researched, written about, and lectured on the simultaneous interaction of the built environment with public health and climate. His work has been sustained by grants from EPA, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Science Foundation and co-sponsored with the University of Delaware and the Delaware Sea Grant Program.