Chris Meek headshot

 Associate Professor of Architecture / Director of the Center for Integrated Design, College of Built Environments | University of Washington

Chris Meek

Christopher Meek is Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Washington and Director of the Center for Integrated Design at the University’s College of Built Environments. Professor Meek’s areas of research include building energy performance for new construction and retrofits, daylighting, visual comfort, electric lighting, and climate responsive design. His work bridges practice, research, and education with collaboration between practitioners, faculty, and students. Under his leadership, the Center advances its mission through interconnected research, technical assistance, and educational programs that create impact in three primary areas: (1) influential new construction and renovation projects that achieve exceptional energy performance targets and serve as a model for future buildings; (2) the development and advancement of tools, methods, and technologies to accelerate energy efficient buildings through peer-reviewed publications and competitive grant awards, and; (3) the delivery of educational programs and experiences that form the next generation of leaders in the building industry.