Daniel Meyers, AIA

Creative Director, Skylab Architecture

Daniel Meyers


Daniel Meyers, AIA, is an architect, creative director, and experience designer working at the unexplored edges of the profession. He is a passionate 21st century placemaker, intent on interweaving cultural and physical contexts to create places of lasting symbolic significance and deep utility, for people.  Daniel is Creative Director at Skylab Architecture, and previously was Creative Director at Second Story Interactive Studios. Daniel has maintained a diverse architectural practice, as well as creative direction for category leading agencies and studios in the emerging post-digital world. He has helped to focus the relationship between digital and physical practices. His work investigates the power of contemporary spaces and contemporary culture to uncover the unseen, to foster understanding, and to deepen connections. Daniel has directed interdisciplinary teams to create groundbreaking projects for leading cultural, commercial, and private clients across the world. Daniel’s perspective on the business of architecture has been inflected by his experience as a leader in adjacent industries; he sees immense areas of opportunity for firms willing to embrace new markets and new ways of working in a rapidly shifting culture.