Founding Principal | NK Architects

Brandon Nicholson


An accredited architecture and real estate professional, Brandon is actively involved in the design and development of high performance, zero energy buildings, advocating for policy advancement that leads to sustainable urban environments and more attractive neighborhoods.

Brandon is passionate about reducing the impact of buildings on global climate change, utilizing his research and development projects to establish a cost effective method to deliver net zero energy buildings now. An advocate of Passive House design and building standards, Brandon was instrumental in Seattle’s acceptance of Passive House as a green building incentive.

In 2011, Brandon was honored with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Community Service Award for his diligent policy work to improve Seattle City building codes by incorporating green building systems as criteria for development (FAR) bonuses.

Prior to founding NK Architects, Brandon worked at various firms specializing in urban architecture and housing in Washington, DC, and Seattle. He received a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1995.

(Source: LinkedIn)