Hiroshi Okamoto, AIA

Co-founder, OLI Architecture

Hiroshi Okamoto


Hiroshi Okamoto, AIA, co-founded OLI Architecture in 2010. With a vast disciplinary understanding of the built environment, the firm offers full service architectural design, including parametric studies and computational analyses to develop contemporary design solutions that respect the specific cultural parameters of each project. OLI’s specialty expertise consists of museum planning, urban landscape design and construction.

For the past eleven years, Hiroshi worked with I. M. Pei on the Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, and the Miho Institute of Aesthetics. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1992 and from MIT with a Master of Science degree in Architectural Studies in 2000. At MIT, his research concentration was on the effects evolving design technologies have on the process of architectural design and the perception of architectural space.