Principal | Arcadis

Matthias Olt

Matthias Olt works as a design leader and architect. Notable examples of his work include Lotte Center Hanoi, Vietnam, and Huarun Tower, MixC Chengdu, China.   Matthias, originally from Frankfurt, Germany, has worked in the industry for 30 years. It’s in sustainability where Matthias truly shines, and his recent TEDx talk is a testament to his command of biophilic design. In 2022, Matthias received a Fast Company Innovation by Design Award for his design of the unTower, aka Use-Neutral Tower. In 2017, Matthias received an AIA Seattle Honors Award for his innovative design of a 39-story Conceptual Mass Timber Tower in Seattle. Matthias is a registered architect and received the German architecture diploma from the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt, Germany, and he also holds an undergraduate degree in chemical science. He is a Principal in Architecture, Mixed-Use Highrise, at Arcadis.

“My vision is to create spaces of sculptural lightness that inspire ideas, promote joy and elevate sustainable systems.”