Kimon Onuma, FAIA

Founder, Onuma, Inc.

Kimon Onuma


Kimon Onuma, FAIA, leads a unique team of architects and computer scientists at Onuma, Inc., the company he founded that builds architecturally informed environments for the digital and physical world. Kimon guides architects and owners into information driven design. In 1994, years before it was mainstream, he demonstrated BIM benefits on numerous large scale U.S. government projects. His ONUMA System, a web based tool that allows both tech and non-tech savvy users to cloud collaborate in real-time, creates data output that generates BIM. As the creator of more than 35 BIMStorms, the BIM charrette that became a “Woodstock” for the building industry, a 24 hour event bringing together 133 design professionals and industry specialists from 11 countries to plan, design and collaborate on 420 buildings totaling over 55 million square feet. His approach focuses on agile, lean and implementable big ideas for all stages of the facility life-cycle. As an innovator, Kimon services his clients with design and processes that become the catalyst for the building industry.