Associate Principal | Studio-MLA

Kush Parekh


Kush Parekh is a senior designer with over 15 years of experience in design, strategic planning, and project management. Passionate about cities, he is inspired by the complex relationships between socio-cultural factors and ecological systems in urban environments. With a holistic understanding of the built environment, he strives to apply the highest level of design and sustainable principles while exploring creative use of materials and building techniques. Kush is currently leading the effort for the new Hollywood Park development, a 298-acre, multi-phased project to reimagine, design and build the new SoFi stadium, Performance Venue, Retail district, Parks, and Streetscapes on the site of the old horse race track. He has devoted nearly a decade to this high-profile urban infill project, an endeavor of immense scale and complexity that is rare in a large metropolitan city such as Los Angeles.