Jim Rains, FAIA

Owner | Rains Studio, PA

Jim Rains


Jim Rains, FAIA, is the owner of Rains Studio, PA, in Ramseur, N.C., which provides construction contract administration services for architects and owners, including LS3P, Schenkel Shultz, First Citizens Bank Corporation, the North Carolina Zoological Society, The Freelon Group Architects, and the North Carolina National Guard. Jim is also the Director of Materials Technology Laboratories and Facilities in the College of Design at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where he works with students, faculty and staff within the five design programs, helping to prepare designers for practice.

Jim graduated from North Carolina State University with a BA in Environmental Design in Architecture and was the founder of the Knowledge Community for Construction Contract Administration, which represents more than 1,100 AIA members. Jim is co-writer of the Construction Specifications Institute’s Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide, published by J. Wiley.