Duke Reiter, FAIA

Senior Advisor to the President of Arizonia State University

Wellington "Duke" Reiter


Wellington “Duke” Reiter, FAIA, is the Senior Advisor to the President of Arizona State University with particular focus on university/city integration. He also coordinates specific initiatives related to higher education, healthcare, and sustainability. Over the past twenty years, Duke has played numerous roles: community leader, academic administrator, faculty member, architect, urban designer, and public artist. A student of higher education, urban design, and entrepreneurship, Duke is particularly interested in the economic, cultural, and sustainability of major US metro areas and the engagement of the top tier colleges and universities that are embedded within them. Reiter is the past President of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the former Dean of the College of Design at Arizona State University, and a long-time faculty member at MIT in the Department of Architecture.