Architectural Sales Manager | Hearth & Home Technologies

Kim Renger

Intuitive in finding the right building products for clients within the specifier community, Kim is an experienced, trusted advisor partnering with architects, interior designers, facilities managers, builders, and owners to determine solutions for any budget. Kim began her career as a designer for a luxury home builder in Dallas following her formal education in interior design from the New York Institute of Art and Design. Kim's expertise in building materials includes tile, stone, and steel products. She has worked extensively with both commercial and residential specifiers. Her most recent endeavor as Hearth & Home Technologies' senior Architectural Sales Manager has been to help educate the architectural community on how they can include the element of fire in their programs safely, economically and in visionary ways. Viewing herself as an extension of the project-team, Kim aims to help create built-environments that drive revenue and business for developers and allow designers to create portfolio-worthy spaces.