Director of Research and Development | MasterGraphics.aec

Jarod Schultz

Jarod Schultz, Director of Research and Developemnt at MG.aec, helps AEC firms streamline bottlenecks and pain points in their daily people, process, and technology workflows. With a business strategy session with key people he assesses the current situation based on targeted Q/A and builds a goal-oriented plan. His expertise is; Sustainability | Computation and Generative Design Processes | Delivering Creative Solutions | Architecture, Engineering and Construction Software | Strategic Growth, Process, and Workflow Management | Scrum Master, Software Development, and Documentation | Presentation and Public Speaking | Kaizen Event and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. In this leadership role he works with a team to develop new solutions that our clients value: inventing new concepts, workflows, and processes | planning projects and implementations of software development | biomimicry, sustainability, computational, and generative solutions | analyzing data, summarizing, and reporting project outcomes | collaborating with early adopters/innovators.