Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing  |

Brian Shaw


Brian Shaw is a Certified Floodplain Manager and has worked within the flood mitigation industry for over 15 years. As Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at, he leads a team of flood mitigation specialists that focus on proper floodproofing techniques to ensure resilient structures. His experience has been working with all the parties involved in floodplain design, build, and habitation including Architects, Builders, Code Officials, Contractors, Engineers, Floodplain Managers, Homeowners, Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Property Managers, Realtors, Specifiers, and Surveyors. He works closely with Architects, Contractors, and Community Officials on floodplain projects and regulations. On a regular basis, he presents continuing education courses to various professionals on FEMA Regulations, NFIP Requirements, Building Codes, and proper floodplain construction. Brian prides himself on contributing to the corporate mission to reduce the risk associated with flooding through education.