Dina Sorensen

Project Designer | VMDO ARCHITECTS

Dina M. Sorensen


Dina’s design philosophy posits the need for a new architecture to translate and express the ongoing dialectical relationship between pedagogical theory and individual agency across the K-12 spectrum. Incorporating design ecologies that encourage creativity, diversity, connectivity, and a symbiotic relationship between nature, health and technology – the newly opened Buckingham Primary and Elementary Schools celebrate the sophisticated, multisensory intelligences of children by fostering a healthy foodscape and physical activity environment that integrates pedagogy and architecture.

Trained at Parsons School of Design, NYC/Paris, and the University of Virginia – Dina has cultivated a background in art, design, architecture, art theory/criticism, and film that underscores her belief in the necessity of nourishing creativity, imagination, and discovery as pathways for innovation, invention, and a lifelong love of learning. Dina is a Project Designer at VMDO Architects and her current primary research – collaborating with public health and childhood obesity researchers – investigates the impact of school design on healthy eating behaviors, physical activity, and socio-cultural norms among students. Her collaboration with VS America, Dr. Terry Huang of the University of Nebraska, and Dr. Trowbridge of the University of Virginia resulted in the publication of Insights 3: Healthy by Design / Architecture’s New Terrain - The Dining Commons / Promoting Healthy + Active FoodSmart™ Kids and the forthcoming Physical Activity Design Guidelines for School Architecture.