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Founder | SO|arch

A+D Business Strategist

Elisabeth Sporer


Elisabeth Sporer, AIA, CIC works with CEOs, founders and leadership teams to build successful A+D firms through an integral approach.  She is a licensed architect in California and Berlin/Germany, a LEED Accredited Professional, and a New Ventures West certified integral coach. Her multi-faceted professional experience spans design and architecture to business strategy and business management in her native Germany and in the US for firms such as EHDD, Perkins + Will and STUDIOS, and her own firm SO|arch. Based in Northern California, she has presented at major AIA chapters in California, including AIA San Francisco, AIA Los Angeles,  AIA East Bay and AIA Central Valley, on topics like business strategy [“Blueprint for Success” in 2020 and “Think-Times Tuesdays” in 2021] , entrepreneurship [“The Free Solo Practice” in 2019] ], ownership transition [“Ownership Transition in the Entrepreneurial Era of Gen X”], mentorship [“High Performance Mentorship” in 2020 and international practice [“Unlearning the Metric System” in 2019 and “Career Strategies for International Professionals” in 2021].