Managing Partner, SmithGroupJJR

Troy Thompson


As Managing Partner, Troy Thompson is one of the three co-leaders of SmithGroupJJR. He is responsible for talent development and is dedicated to improving the attraction, engagement, and development of not only women, but all staff. Troy believes that equality and flexibility are now fundamental workplace values. He uses his leadership position to advocate for diversity in the workplace, a critical aspect of the culture of SmithGroupJJR and a necessary approach for any successful business today. He is an original member of the board initiative of Women@SmithGroupJJR. Saskia Dennis-van Dijl, Cameron McAllister, Saskia’s love of design and the creative people who practice it drive her work. Passionate about supporting the role of women in the workplace, Saskia has channeled her beliefs into equity and diversity consulting, partnering with firms like SmithGroupJJR to help them better understand their challenges and opportunities in those areas. This focus carries over into her work with the AIA San Francisco’s Equity by Design Missing 32% Project, for which she is an active spokesperson.