Implementation Project Manager | New York University Medical Center

Sri Velliyur

Sri Velliyur is a Senior Project Manager with over 24 years of experience in Information Technology with strong expertise in design, development, supporting and managing diverse IT applications. He started his career in Bangalore, the IT hub in India, in the 90s and moved over to the US where he has worked with many Fortune 500 companies over the last 20+ years. He has a proven track record and has received recognition from many of his projects for his commitment and excellence in project management. With his strong people and communication skills he evolved from developing software into leading and eventually managing Projects and over the last 10 years has successfully implemented large IT projects at UNDP, Ford and NYU. In his latest assignment at NYU he successfully led the Business and IT merger of Lutheran and Winthrop Hospitals with NYU Langone Hospital system working with Senior Leadership, multiple IT and Business teams across organizations. He thus brings rich experience in understanding business requirements, designing complex technical solutions, collaboration, project management and leadership skills to his assignments and endeavors. He is a calculated risk taker and has always nurtured entrepreneurial ambitions which he has actively sought to pursue over the last few years. He has an interest in exploring opportunities in technology which address a significant problem faced by society. He is thus highly motivated and enthused to be synergize with Meghana and Rajesh Joshi (his class mate in Engineering) in leveraging technology to design and provide active, real time, intelligent information to first responders in building emergencies to quickly contain and minimize the damage to human life and material. He is a fitness enthusiast and ran the NY marathon in 2017 besides being an avid trekker and a happy father to two teenagers.